Gasparilla, Part 1

They didn’t turn on the lights. Two near accidents, a hectic loading in the afternoon, too much coffee and they didn’t turn on the damn lights. So, my dad and I set up the display by feel. Hands grasping in the grass for lost bolts. Trying to see the threaded connectors. I believe some ska band was playing behind near the artist hospitality tent. We got out of there a little after eight and managed four hours of sleep. Still needed to print out description tags and prices. Went up Saturday morning, Mom sat in the display while I tried to find a damn parking spot. No such luck. Found a parking ticket when I went to get the car in the evening. Got the work up. Meet my booth neighbors. Sold a few things. Got some lovely contacts. Was on edge from energy drink compensation for poor sleep over the past few nights. Crashed nearly as soon as I got home that night.

Walter Hobbs

2008 Emerging Artist winner, Walter Hobbs.

Karl Culbertson

Emerging artist Karl Culbertson, organizes collaborative exhibition spaces with Entourage, inc.

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