Gasparilla, An Addendum

So, several days out from finishing the festival, finally getting things caught up from the last week. Contemplating new projects and trying to finish up older ones. A few things I’ll keep in mind for next time…

More matted prints… many many many more.
Print up the damn description tags weeks in advance.
If you enter the booth, all patrons will run in horror.
Separate tags for description and then price (with info on nature of print, edition, etc).
Learn a musical instrument and play it outside my booth to attract clients.

Display 1
Display 2
Display 3
Display 4
  1. Kyle said:

    how did it all go? making bank?

  2. Jame…Your booth looked great and I can seem some stuff I had not seen before. I think you represented yourself very well and were a truly unique addition to the show. Very well done and I still love your work. Ed

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