Gasparilla, Part 2

With adequate sleep, I returned Sunday morning in plenty of time to adjust my display and attempt to overdose on coffee. Relaxed, I wandered about my immediate area to check on the few artists who revealed themselves as early risers. Directly across the park I found this gentleman’s work, Richard of Skelton Files.
Skelton Files
An amalgamation of overt social criticism, cyberpunk/Giger tendencies and visually arresting mechanical feats… this man is fantastic. He creates what I see when I read Gibson/Stephenson.

While heat stroke threatened, I kept it at bay by running for sanctuary inside my tent, scattering patrons. Busier than Saturday, the traffic was a constant stream of fascinated customers and horrified critics. Perhaps I’ll have flora and fauna next time. Overall purchases were about what I expected. A wonderful couple, however, ended up purchasing two of the abandoned child series… which I thought would be permanent exhibition pieces.

Down the street at Gasparilla...

Onlookers at Gasparilla

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