New collage! Inheritance

Currently working on a new collage, Inheritance, 10×30″ at 300 dpi again… so this will be posted in a rather small thumbnail. A little more coherence than the previous collage. Comments and criticism greatly desired!!!! Flickr archived this at a larger resolution so check out my account if you want to see this in more detail. Thanks!

New collage, Inheritance, at a compressed size.

  1. Rising Mist said:

    JM…You must be taking Creative Steroids! Your recent work has been outstanding. I love this has excellent movement and balance. Nice accent color with the red. A very intruiging piece. I can visualize this piece maybe 4-6 feet wide. Great layers and textures….

    If you ever have to appear before Congress for your steriod use remember to “not remember”. It seems the way politicians and baseball player avoid accountability. 🙂 Ed

  2. Neda said:

    Your collages are breathtaking! Bravo!

  3. Robert said:

    That is, by far, the best piece of work I have EVER seen !!! ++++++++

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