Gay sea creatures?

In the times of completely random emails in the evening, we find the complete uploaded form of Caress of the Creature. I did some on set photography for the film after Eric Leong posted some help photographer wanted on a few facebook pages I was a part of. Homoerotic parody of machismo and the homosocial environment that precipitates the horror genre, especially in the early 50’s and 60’s monster features.

I’ll need to scrounge around my hard drive and dig up some of those photos when I get back from Tallahassee this weekend. Might have to avoid the images that feature the creature with his genitals hanging out…. Hmmm. The film has won the Grand Jury Award at the Florida Film Festival and an honorable mention at Slamdance; amongst several other awards.

And so I have an IMDB page now. This seems odd. I feel a bit off now. Anyways, I might have been Jimmy but I wasn’t in Stranger than Fiction.

I swear I wasn’t. Someone must be impersonating me. Horrors of horrors. But I am irritated on buses. In general.

And we end with why one should not photograph engagement shots after the sun goes down… totally surreal acid trip colors on this one.

Surreal Engagement 2

Surreal Engagement 1

From gay sea creatures to engagement photos… political outrage against conservative views on marriage rights of gays and lesbians? Ugh… nope, just my mind wandering.

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