Shag like rabbits…

Shag like rabbits full

Just had to upload this one shot from today’s session with Sarah Wallace. Taken at an old ice cream store on US 41 in Sarasota near Ringling School of Art and Design, I’m guessing the students had a bit of fun with the cartoons. Its going to be a bit to pull much of anything from the session, which was fun yet not terribly productive. Need more of a plan and focus next time. And in regards to that, I’ll be shooting with Sarah next weekend as the initial stage in a collage mixed with flash animations that I’m submitting to the Alys Beach Digital Graffiti juried show. Amazing potentials there… and have to finish before July 11th. I’m seeing myself hanging from the ceiling just trying to get a straight on shot down to the floor. Anyway, will post those as soon as I start work on them. Boyce Avenue is still due for a shoot, hopefully this coming week. And beyond that, I’ve got a date for the move to Tallahassee. Move-in is July 26th currently. Fingers crossed for productivity.

And a cropped version:

Shag like rabbits cropped

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