I think you love me…

Well, it might be a small number to some but this end result of narcissim and self indulgence of a blog just hit one thousand and nine visitors. Most looking for information about Boyce Avenue. Which means that my crush on them is justified. Er… anyway. Updates. I’ve got some things in the works over the next week or two. Boyce Avenue will be shooting a couple of new videos and I’ll be handling the set photography. I’ve also got to get to work on the Alys Beach Juried show piece. This weekend is Austin and Elana’s wedding… so after Saturday comes hours and hours in the digital darkroom. The move-in date for Tallahassee is still the 26th but it appears that it could be moved up to around the 21st or 22nd. And to prevent this from simply be another text only blog posting, I give you this:

The Baby Cage

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