A few more inches into the Earth…

In a burst of productivity this morning, I finally can get around to updating my blog. So in over two months of interwound inactivity I haven’t been terribly busy creatively. A portrait session with Holly and Chris lent its self to some lovely images. Hopping across Tallahassee from the Amtrack station to Dorothy Oven park, I had forgotten some of the great locations in Tally.


Holly and Chris
Holly and Chris deux
And Holly absconding with Chris’ hat.
Holly hatted.
**Holly, I will get those images finished, I promise!**

Ansley Simmons hired my services as a second shooter at a wedding located at Lichgate on High Rd. …Images from which I’ll be posting within a few days.

A very recent jaunt around Georgia has given me some fodder for new collages as well as some pseudo high definition footage from a 720p Insignia flash camcorder. Damn thing fits in my pocket but gives me enough resolution to start working on motion collages. I’ll be working within high definition versions for potential gallery/dvd viewings but also releasing my experiments on youtube/google video.
Not as cool as Ansley's
Floral Desolation Right
Cotton and Root

And I’ll be at the Downtown Marketplace on Saturday, November 15th. Show the love.

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