A brief update from my roommate Kyle..

Kyle wished me to put forth the following information;

Eric Nylund’s new novel, Mortal Coils, will be available for purchase on the 3rd of February, 2009. Nylund is an author in the sci-fi and fantasy fields, having written Signal to Noise (no, not the Gaiman/McKean one) and many of the novelizations of the Halo series. If you follow the link above or surf to http://www.ericnylund.net, you can find out more information on both the author and his upcoming work.

And a brief update for myself…

The Boyce Avenue shoot that was supposed to go down at the end of the month has been pushed back to late February/early March. They will be out of the country, being wildly successful and making me horribly envious. However, when they get back, I’ll be heading down to Sarasota to take some pretty pictures of the boys. Having given up on the idea of a photography group a few years back with “Get the hell out of Tallahassee”, I’ve decided to give it another go with “Mr. Mazza’s Magical Mystery Tour.” So, productivity is my new goal this year. And if anyone has any interest, look me up on Facebook and join our little group. I’m like the silent bus driver who used to leer at you on the way to school. Leer.

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