A second trip…

On the second trip of Mr. Mazza’s Magical Mystery Tour, we ended heading out to Chattahoochee and beyond. Despite the rain and my car’s less than stellar condition, we ventured to some lovely locales. Between the bridges and dam at Chattahoochee and a rundown shack masquerading as a Cracker Barrel, the best location was in our back yard. An abandoned factory off of Southwest Capital Circle is an untapped gem. I’ll be returning hopefully some time this week to spend a bit more time shooting it. And if tresspassing, photography and hedonism sounds like a fun time to those few who read this blog… come along on Mr. Mazza’s Magical Mystery Tour! Either find us on Facebook through my profile or search through the groups for us. Its a bit sporadic but hopefully we’ll be coordinating more trips on a regular basis as I get myself more organized and focused…

Doors on the side of Cracker Barrel
Holga filter on Jesus billboard...
Images from the abandoned factory in Tally...
Eyeing the fans...

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