A hopefully productive new year…

So I haven’t updated my blog since July? Well, mark one more for me being an incompetent asshole. Anyway, fueled by asbestos flavored coffee I will rectify this grievous error and amp up my creative output this year. A bit of brief updates…

Taken from the official website, the cover of Visual Overture.

I was published in the winter 2009 issue of Visual Overture which seeks to promote emerging artists to collectors and galleries. And because I have no organization skills and limited social graces, we’ll call this mark two for the previously stated examination of myself. Why? Because I failed to respond with my artist statement or, frankly, any info. Anyway, magazine looks gorgeous and the founder, Arlissa Vaughn, is doing a lovely job. Goal for the first six months of this year? Three more publications.

My two pages in Visual Overture

Somehow this site reached 5,000 hits… probably about two months ago. Not bad for drunken ramblings and some mediocre photography :). More updates! It looks like I’ll be having a show at Perpenders Gallery in Carrabelle potentially with Steven Bennett Smith either late February or early March. I’ll be updating as we finalize plans but I’m hoping to have at least four new pieces finished before then that I can debut.

One of my two favorite warehouse buildings in Donalsonville imploded...

Nikki and I went out on the first road trip of the new year, something I hope to repeat on a weekly basis. If not actually taking a day trip, at least photographing in town. We headed up to Thomasville and then cut across Route 84 all the way into Alabama. Along the way we hit up Donalsonville where we found that my two favorite old warehouse buildings had collapsed, claiming all the misc. junk that people had left in them. Once upon a time you could find Toys R Us trains nestled amongst rat skulls, old business signs, tricycles and file cabinets filled with a failing business’ financial documents. We spoke briefly with a man who was working across the way and had seen it slowly collapse over the past few years, the city not interested in demolishing the building and reclaiming the land.

The multicolored, rusting school bus in the junkyard on Route 84...

If you happen upon a junkyard on Route 84, just after you enter Alabama, and are attracted to the rusting piles of buses, semis and children’s toys… be wary. There aren’t any private property signs. No “no trespassing” or business signs. A thin rope blocks off the drive way, attached to a rusting oil can. Walk inside, past the multicolored school bus and the bicycles hidden in brambles. Watch the twenty or so cats parade around on what appears to be an abandoned garage. Then hear the rustling. Large animals. Getting closer. Hoping its the owner so that you can negotiate the right to photograph the mountains of junk, you see two large dogs. And Nikki says, its time to leave. My dumb ass actually thought about attempting to make friends with the mutts, thinking the smell of my roommate’s german shepherd would be an olive branch. Er. Sometimes I don’t think very clearly.

The creepy children that live in the woods behind Christmas City.

After getting directions in Dothan, we headed to Ariton to rediscover Christmas City. Set back in the woods, the only real sign its there is a tollbooth next to a Christmas tree. You have to drive a bit back into the woods, the sets on the side of the dirt road are now overgrown and in disrepair. The trees break and you’ll see an artificial main street in the middle of a large parking lot. The man we spoke with a couple of years ago was still working there, waiting to see if the owners were going to find the funding they need to expand and renovate the attraction. They didn’t open this past Christmas, money was tight. The new goal is to buy up more land and open all year long. Have themed events, build some cabins on the lake and offer hunting grounds. But right now the park is empty and Frosty the snow man, made out of Christmas lights, lies on his side out of sight on the lake shore. They should know sometime in the first part of the year… which might mean a December road trip to catch it at night.

Christmas City Hall on the main drag...

And now for the rest of the new year…

  1. Ansley said:

    I found VOM today and was going to tell you about it. I’m late to the game. And I did my MFA with Steve. Good guy!

  2. I enjoyed “stopping by.” Thanks for letting me know.


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