And somehow I just know, I’m gonna have to hang around you…

Alright, this is going to be a picture heavy post. First true update since the show at Perpenders. That went well, lovely turn out and sold a few pieces. After which I managed to produce absolutely no new creative works. Well, hopefully, this is a sign of a change. The previous few quick posts that were deposited by Flickr are part of a daily project which I’ll be photographing my new house with 50mm f/1.8 prime and a far too damned high iso. 365 Mundane Days and so far, I’m three for three. I’ve also got two large collages currently in progress and a smaller series of 5×7 collages that are in rather rough shape. The first of the large collages I started before the show in March, tennatively titled “Nostalgia and Ponds”. Informed by Sufjan Steven’s Feel the Illinois and the Mountain Goat’s Sunset Tree, its a meld of childhood swimming holes, forsaken toys and the decay of ideological apparatus. But mostly just what I found that worked and flowed together at the time.

Recent collage under construction....And a few detail shots from the collage;

The second large collage I only just recently started as I moved into my new house. I culled images from an old archive taken on a road trip to Quitman, Georgia. A gentleman let us up into some of the older buildings downtown that were being renovated into antique shops and proceeded to show us where the speakeasies and brothels were. I took the images of the windows and warped ceilings and aged floors and tried to create a strange interior that I then broke apart with strange organic and floral imagery. Still very much under construction….

Currently untitled new collage

And two detail shots….

And finally I’ve been working sporadically on creating a series of small 5×7 collages based on photos taken by “cam girls.” Self shot images in mirrors that are published on forums and chatrooms. A new aspect of the exhibitionist and voyeuristic consumption… which is fairly boring at the outset. But the layers; self photographing self in mirror then publishing to their computer and sending out to be viewed by the internet. Its at one time a private act of self pleasure and indulgence via the mirror and then a global interaction that is also terribly ephemeral as content and connections change in milliseconds. So, as poorly worded as that was, I’m using said images found in public forums as a base form for small 5×7 collages that I hope to release as a series. I have them collected on my flickr account under works in progress but many are NSFW so I’ll only post a link here with the safest of the images.

The eighth in an attempt at this series...

So, in the coming weeks, hopefully more art, more photos, more strangeness and a little eroticism to spice things up. Comments and criticism is greatly appreciated on these ongoing projects. I’m really self indulgent and need a boot across the face to tell me that I’m on the wrong track….

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