Banksy in NOLA


Banksy in NOLA, originally uploaded by alexianimages.

Banksy on the streets of New Orleans. Took a wrong turn driving downtown on a weekend trip back in October and we stumbled across this great piece. Makes you wonder what you are creating, is it worth it, does it say anything worthwhile? Can you say you left this world better than you found it, generated worth through your actions?

1 comment
  1. viralfirm said:

    Awesome find. Finally a banksy image I haven’t already seen a million times.

    I just found out about your group on Craigslist. Seem like pretty cool people. I don’t have a still cam anymore, but I’d love to travel with y’all if ya wouldn’t mind a video guy tagging along. I could get some more stock footage that isn’t just around Tallywacky for once.

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