Backwoods estates…

IMG_0071, originally uploaded by alexianimages.

Took a road trip up to Georgia back in the middle of November, ended up getting a bit off track and a bit lost. No idea where this house was but it rose up out of nowhere. A palatial estate in a terrible disrepair. Gorgeous columns and textures were all over. Unfortunately, as we were about to go around back, some gentlemen in a pickup pulled over and told us to quickly vacate the property. Apparently the owner doesn’t take kindly to photographers and lives around back in a trailer with more than a few guns. Still snagged a few good pics though and looking forward to getting back out onto the road this year.

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  1. olanthornton said:

    Hey James,
    That looks like the house my little girl lived in. 🙂

    After quitting the gallery I have not spent a lot of time painting. Been going to live figure drawing sessions and honing my drawing skill, which hopefully will translate into to better paintings.

    Sure need to do some paintings and find a place to sell some.


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