My trigger finger is frozen stiff, can’t reach the shutter release….

Had this Sunday off, first in a while, and ended up heading out early with Ansley to do a quick photographic trip around Cairo and Thomasville, Georgia. Started off from Cairo and hit up an early slave graveyard on the outskirts that contains the tomb of a woman who requested to be buried in her rocking chair.


After a few shots, we stopped by an abandoned VW school bus buried in overgrowth. I’m trying to get a decent catalog of new collages in the new year, so I tend to be shooting elements and forms that would lend themselves well to manipulation. That being said, snagged some awesome straight up photography as we entered Thomasville on the backside of a salon along the railroad tracks.


Great graffiti… which if anyone could let me know what is (link is dead) or the stencils of the four dudes running is, I’d be much obliged. And yes, I realize that the photo below isn’t the best graffiti… but I love the textures and reflections in the windows.


I’m pretty sure there wasn’t snow in Atlanta when we planned it and by the time we were walking back down the tracks, my hands were frozen. Even in Thomasville, the air was freezing. Thankfully although my air conditioning doesn’t work, my heat is fine.


Jim taken by Ansley Simmons on the tracks in Thomasville

Ansley snagged a few great portraits of me while out and about… its nice knowing great photographers. So, a fairly productive first road trip of the new year, got at least five images that I wouldn’t mind exhibiting, and this should be the first of many. Starting in depth on collage work so that I can get a stable of at least twenty new works before I set up a show. Got a few ideas for portrait series that would lend itself to a nice themed show that I’ll start as people get comfortable with the new semester and the weather warms up. And if anyone is interested in exploring this little country of ours with a group of artistic and relatively stable individuals, either shoot me an email at or hit up Mr. Mazza’s Magical Mystery Tour on Facebook.

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  1. Beautiful work! And it is always nice to be inspired. *flounders under pile of grad school and writing*


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