Updates from the edge of a coffee-fueled consciousness…


Updating my website a bit before heading in to coal mines. My flickr account is surprisingly bereft of portraits, especially anything prior to 2008 is noticeably absent. So I’m combing through some shoots with Sarah Wallace, After The Smoke and others and re editing them to a few different styles. The first is a shoot I did with Sarah in the village on LBK, did a bit of color correction, dropped a glamour glow filter on it, recovered some detail and then did a darken/lighten vignette. Just going for a bit of a glossy magazine style finish.


I’ve also just joined up with the Digital Artists Guild that my friend Ed Babcock started here in Tallahassee. Looking forward to brainstorming sessions and projects for exhibition coming out of that. Working on a Facebook page for them over the next day or two and will post a link as soon as its finished. Please “like” us, and me, if you haven’t, because love powers this perpetual motion machine. http://www.facebook.com/AlexianImages


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