A few photos and a brief update…

This past Monday I had a great short shoot with Clem, we’d been trying to put it together for the past couple of weeks and everything finally fell into place.

Clem 5

He was having these taken for his girlfriend, three different outfits on a neutral background, and he was an absolute natural in front of the camera.

Clem 4

Very little instruction was needed, he posed and moved wonderfully and let me concentrate on the composition and the light.

Clem 2

A few minor updates; applied to two juried shows last week and have several more on the horizon. I’ve got a few collages on the burners and a photo shoot sometime this weekend or early next week. I need to spend time at a junkyard, an antique store and some sort of clock maker. I want a myriad of rust, cogs and age in my stock collection to draw from. Need to start making cold calls around trying to find places to do such things.

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