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A celebrity of the FSU alumni community, one who has crafted a marked and noted career in baseball, has their own clothing line based out of Tallahassee, Florida.

IMG_1190John Ford Griffin has teamed up with local clothing designed Mark McHaffie (Thunder) to create Hollachaboy.

IMG_1757A brand based on positive life goals and an active life style, Hollachaboy is available locally and online at



Updating my website a bit before heading in to coal mines. My flickr account is surprisingly bereft of portraits, especially anything prior to 2008 is noticeably absent. So I’m combing through some shoots with Sarah Wallace, After The Smoke and others and re editing them to a few different styles. The first is a shoot I did with Sarah in the village on LBK, did a bit of color correction, dropped a glamour glow filter on it, recovered some detail and then did a darken/lighten vignette. Just going for a bit of a glossy magazine style finish.


I’ve also just joined up with the Digital Artists Guild that my friend Ed Babcock started here in Tallahassee. Looking forward to brainstorming sessions and projects for exhibition coming out of that. Working on a Facebook page for them over the next day or two and will post a link as soon as its finished. Please “like” us, and me, if you haven’t, because love powers this perpetual motion machine.


Well, I really will try to get up more of the New Orleans pictures and strange stories of avoiding the Dixie Brewing Company because “the junkies will KILL you.” I swear I will.

Nikki in shock and potential horror...
First Friday came upon us again; sweltering heat and a scaled back event (due to the Downtown Getdown… why why why, its not football season?) did nothing to stem the flow of eager patrons of the arts. I had several people with obviously excellent taste purchase my works at both South of Soho and Simply Artistic. I debuted three 8x12s from New Orleans and had a great reaction to them… ended up selling two of the three. Star Seas Cafe’s recently acquired beer and wine license helped keep the PBR flowing into both Ed and myself throughout the night. Olan Thorton’s new piece brings his usual elegance to divergent subject matter… and I’ll need to snag a good photo of the painting as soon as possible to post. Ended up at the Fermentation Lounge later, as usual, enjoying amazing beers with my strange friends. As much fun as Fermentation is on First Friday, I’d suggest either Sunday movie nights or sometime during the week as it can get terribly crowded in the bar.

Nikki playing around with our white backdrop....

As I talked about in the previous post, my friend Ed and I are starting a portrait studio…. and I had my first photo shoot with Nikki March this past week. It was more testing out the lights and getting used to the equipment but we snatched some great shots. And now we have the two strobes with accessories, a backdrop stand with two 10×20 foot backdrops and a list of esoteric ideas. I’m looking to post a casting call on Model Mayhem for some more guinea pigs and hopefully have some more promotional material by the end of next week. Also, I’m revisiting a few collages I gave up on about a year ago. Massive buggers. Minimum of 20″x30″ but probably larger. Will post production stills as soon as I have something tangible. Planning on breaking down the characters in the collage into smaller vertical frames to display along with it. And on a minor side note, I might be doing some stills for the Cosa Nostra production of Tom Wait’s Alice this week. Waiting to hear from them about dress rehersals and such….

Nikki's fun with our white backdrop cloth...

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