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IMG_1583A new project based off of images from several trips over the past year to the west coast, to Providence Canyon and out to the forgotten coast. All will be 10×30 with only a few exceptions being 10×20. Printed on metallic finish and either a thin framed finish or standout board for mounting. I’m currently at 28 images and its growing daily… will hopefully have a total of about 50 to pick through and attempt exhibition around the holiday season. Comments and criticism are welcome, encouraged and deeply sought after.

June 11th 2010, originally uploaded by alexianimages.

The hanging pots and pans in our new kitchen… taken against a backdrop of our lovely wallpaper and front window. Taking this and posting it late… meandered through the day and then went out to celebrate Ansley’s day of birth. So, happy birthday Ansley! Hope you don’t get too smashed at Waterworks 🙂

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