IMG_0063Went on a quick shoot yesterday with Jacob to an abandoned factory, decided just to take a 105mm macro to shoot. I’ve been contemplating going pretty much all primes and this was a great test run.

Awkward focal length with a fixed 2.8 aperture macro… it forces you to really contemplate composition and movement of you, not the lens. Now I just need disposable income….

And come on down to the FSU MOFA on August 31st to see great art and strange people

Just got back from dropping off my work at the FSU Museum of Fine Arts for their International Juried Show. Barely beat the rain heading into the building, looks like it will be a fantastic exhibition.

They dropped a fat stack of catalogs into my hands and its brilliant to be a “sales person at Best Buy” sandwiched between professional artists and professors.

For some reason I have the jurors doing a spit take when I submitted my personal information; he’s a what at where? In Tallahassee? Bullocks. Maintains a studio? Its the spare bedroom. Damn kid, committing hubris. Um. Anyway, probably just the results of a self deprecating imagination. But the art is going to be an amazing mixture of media and talents from around the country and around the world. 


Dionysian ClockworkThis one ended up more abstract than I initially intended, may have been the soundtrack switching from Bon Iver to Dizzee Rascal to Zu to Liz Phair to Wu Lyf… my playlist is suffering from schizophrenia.  This is getting closer to playing off of Bacon’s exploration of expressions, rage, the meat of the human form. Might have to find some volunteers to scream and contort for me. Please? Um. I know that sounded off but no sharp objects, I swear.


So based on Ansley’s rather insightful comment, here’s the winning collage from Creative Tallahassee with some detail shots blown up. Might add more after I get off work today.

A Glimpse into the New World, Shuttered Through Blinds 1

A surreal landscape created with images taken primarily on a road trip across California, Arizona and Nevada last year with my father; A Glimpse into the New World, Shuttered Through Blinds 1 won the first place prize at COCA’s Creative Tallahassee 2012 (check it out at city hall… well, if you have reason to be in city hall) and has just been accepted into the 27th Annual FSU MOFA International Juried Show which will be going down in August this year.


Updating my website a bit before heading in to coal mines. My flickr account is surprisingly bereft of portraits, especially anything prior to 2008 is noticeably absent. So I’m combing through some shoots with Sarah Wallace, After The Smoke and others and re editing them to a few different styles. The first is a shoot I did with Sarah in the village on LBK, did a bit of color correction, dropped a glamour glow filter on it, recovered some detail and then did a darken/lighten vignette. Just going for a bit of a glossy magazine style finish.


I’ve also just joined up with the Digital Artists Guild that my friend Ed Babcock started here in Tallahassee. Looking forward to brainstorming sessions and projects for exhibition coming out of that. Working on a Facebook page for them over the next day or two and will post a link as soon as its finished. Please “like” us, and me, if you haven’t, because love powers this perpetual motion machine.


Square 3 Closed

Square 3 Opened

Trying to work within a smaller space for these compositions, thinking ahead to selling through festivals and galleries. But by maintaining a theme or style or mirroring compositions it encourages the sense of a set or a series. These are rough, they will be better. E’s been helping by being my toughest critic and an amazing supporter. Will update these collages as I finish them.

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