Being as this collage is probably two/three days away from completion and I love how disconcerting I was able to make this blend I thought I would upload a preview crop of “Much Better Than A Death.”

Baby Rat Old Man Death Crop...

I’ll be uploading the finished collage early next week, probably reposting the first part; “Do You Call This A Life?” Will also upload a recently finished exercise in abstraction and oddities. Might not post properly because its behind moderate safety on flickr due to implied nudity.


Mike Felton helped me create some great promotional portraits this past Sunday. Looking to do a few more shoots to flesh out my folio before creating some localized ads promoting environmental as well as studio style portraits.




Probably at least one more on the basic two point lighting, studio backdrop style and then will take to the streets for some good environmental portraits.


So based on Ansley’s rather insightful comment, here’s the winning collage from Creative Tallahassee with some detail shots blown up. Might add more after I get off work today.

A Glimpse into the New World, Shuttered Through Blinds 1

A surreal landscape created with images taken primarily on a road trip across California, Arizona and Nevada last year with my father; A Glimpse into the New World, Shuttered Through Blinds 1 won the first place prize at COCA’s Creative Tallahassee 2012 (check it out at city hall… well, if you have reason to be in city hall) and has just been accepted into the 27th Annual FSU MOFA International Juried Show which will be going down in August this year.


Unfortunately I let this website slack a bit over the past month. It’s been a hectic and stressful spring but it’s paying off. Creative Tallahassee had its opening reception and awards last Friday and my piece “A Glimpse of the New World, Shuttered Through Blinds 1” was awarded first place. I quickly collapsed into coma caused by narcissistic ego stroking only to emerge days later blinking in the hazy aftermath of what my self-obsession had wrought. Um. Anyway, so feeling great about that win, just got accepted into the FSU MOFA International Juried Exhibition so a multitude of fingers crossed. I’ve also been second shooter for the wonderful Ansley Simmons these past two weekends and will update with images relating more to event and portraiture over the next couple of days.

What’s the best way to intravenously administer coffee?

As Above...

Another new work in progress, this one is part of a diptych… both measure 15″x30″. I’m going to attempt to get these two finished as well as a large 30×30 or bigger collage in time for a few juried shows due by the end of the month. I’ve got the three images for Creative Tallahassee coming in hopefully a few days and then will pick up frames at Westfall Framing. I think I have my monitor calibrated properly (acer is running a bit hot) so that my pics will look great both online and in person.

Yesterday I heard back about one of the juried shows I recently applied to and all three images I submitted will be exhibited. It’ll be a while before I hear anything about the others… However, COCA puts on Creative Tallahassee at the City Hall Art Gallery every spring. Its open to artists working in all mediums (except video I think…) living in the Big Bend region. Last time I actively participated was about five years ago. Lots of fun and it’ll be great to have some of my new work on display and harshly criticized by people.

A Glimpse of the New World, Shuttered Through Blinds 1

An Untimely Machine

A Glimpse of the New World, Shuttered Through Blinds 3

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