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A few weeks ago I found myself back in Sarasota for a shoot with Boyce Avenue at an “undisclosed” historical location. Upon arrival at the location we found ourselves set upon by an unwashed hoard of elderly folks. The youngest visitors by at least forty years, we were put under watch. Thankfully we attempted to subvert those stares by appearing as young couples, out for a stroll. Although, as an afterthought, perhaps my rough looks broke the illusion as the elderly wondered if I was bear to Fabian’s cub. First stop was a complete wash. Foucault’s Panopticon don’t have shit on two historical recreationist actors wary and wise to our presence. Ducking into an orange packing plant we established a lookout for those wiry old folks and their tour. Faint voices could be heard growing louder in the distance as we hurried and scurried. We spent a moment or two at a church and then sped to small home where we could change and recover. Unfortunately, we found ourselves trapped by another of those blasted tour groups. I, coward that I am, retreated out of the house to the garden where I paused to ponder Boyce’s fate. Thankfully, they escaped unharmed and regaled in new attire. Tracked by tour golf cart, we headed to a few final shots upon Cock’s Footbridge. Seriously. Anyway, without further ramblings or character defamation, below are a few images from the shoot.

Boyce Avenue




Follow the links either on the right or via the photos posted above to reach my flickr account for more images from the shoot as well as other madness, mayhem and mild diversions. I still have a few images from the shoot to work over so I will be posting those to my Flickr account as I complete them. For more information on Foucault’s Panopticon and other fallout from Althusser’s theories…. read more.

Finally added a page to this site that catalogues works and prints currently available for sale. I’m going to attempt to forgo using any online marketing website and directing work through email and local transactions. Looking to also finally update my cafe press page once I work through the t-shirt designs… and potentially beer steins. I’ve got one large collage still being bounced around in the early phases of design. Looking to get out and shoot locally over the next couple of days but damned if I know when not only I’ll have time but it won’t be bloody raining. I’ve rerouted my domain name to this website as my home site is in desperate need of renovation. Again, failed promises, but I hope to swing into a more productive mindset over the next few weeks.

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