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An update. Small but significant. Pieced together from the relatively recent photo shoot, a new collage. I’m currently finishing a long standing obligation and will soon spawn a multitude of mad projects.

Pretty lady friend via Lebowski

Forthcoming projects… Boyce, Tigger, Nikki, Jesus and my inane returning prose. Beware.

Just uploading a quick update featuring a new collage that I feel is nearly finished. The lettering works, I think, but I’m also feeling I may have overloaded the images and overcomplicated the collage. Comments and criticism are welcome as I don’t think I’ll be able to upload this on Facebook without repercussions. I will be uploading another collage in the next few days, hopefully. I’m attempting to go smaller in the blind faith that college students will spend a twenty on a piece of art, rather than simply buying postcards from me.


Voyeur 6... I am lacking in creative titles currently.


Oh, and a minor side note. I might be heading down to Sarasota towards the end of the month for a shoot with Boyce Avenue. Nothing confirmed yet and considering how unattentive and irresponsible I am, who knows :-/ Anyways, more updates in a few days.


And popping up an earlier version of the collage this morning to show a less complicated image. I’m torn… 

An earlier version of the image..

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