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Alright, this is going to be a picture heavy post. First true update since the show at Perpenders. That went well, lovely turn out and sold a few pieces. After which I managed to produce absolutely no new creative works. Well, hopefully, this is a sign of a change. The previous few quick posts that were deposited by Flickr are part of a daily project which I’ll be photographing my new house with 50mm f/1.8 prime and a far too damned high iso. 365 Mundane Days and so far, I’m three for three. I’ve also got two large collages currently in progress and a smaller series of 5×7 collages that are in rather rough shape. The first of the large collages I started before the show in March, tennatively titled “Nostalgia and Ponds”. Informed by Sufjan Steven’s Feel the Illinois and the Mountain Goat’s Sunset Tree, its a meld of childhood swimming holes, forsaken toys and the decay of ideological apparatus. But mostly just what I found that worked and flowed together at the time.

Recent collage under construction....And a few detail shots from the collage;

The second large collage I only just recently started as I moved into my new house. I culled images from an old archive taken on a road trip to Quitman, Georgia. A gentleman let us up into some of the older buildings downtown that were being renovated into antique shops and proceeded to show us where the speakeasies and brothels were. I took the images of the windows and warped ceilings and aged floors and tried to create a strange interior that I then broke apart with strange organic and floral imagery. Still very much under construction….

Currently untitled new collage

And two detail shots….

And finally I’ve been working sporadically on creating a series of small 5×7 collages based on photos taken by “cam girls.” Self shot images in mirrors that are published on forums and chatrooms. A new aspect of the exhibitionist and voyeuristic consumption… which is fairly boring at the outset. But the layers; self photographing self in mirror then publishing to their computer and sending out to be viewed by the internet. Its at one time a private act of self pleasure and indulgence via the mirror and then a global interaction that is also terribly ephemeral as content and connections change in milliseconds. So, as poorly worded as that was, I’m using said images found in public forums as a base form for small 5×7 collages that I hope to release as a series. I have them collected on my flickr account under works in progress but many are NSFW so I’ll only post a link here with the safest of the images.

The eighth in an attempt at this series...

So, in the coming weeks, hopefully more art, more photos, more strangeness and a little eroticism to spice things up. Comments and criticism is greatly appreciated on these ongoing projects. I’m really self indulgent and need a boot across the face to tell me that I’m on the wrong track….

An update. Small but significant. Pieced together from the relatively recent photo shoot, a new collage. I’m currently finishing a long standing obligation and will soon spawn a multitude of mad projects.

Pretty lady friend via Lebowski

Forthcoming projects… Boyce, Tigger, Nikki, Jesus and my inane returning prose. Beware.

Just uploading a quick update featuring a new collage that I feel is nearly finished. The lettering works, I think, but I’m also feeling I may have overloaded the images and overcomplicated the collage. Comments and criticism are welcome as I don’t think I’ll be able to upload this on Facebook without repercussions. I will be uploading another collage in the next few days, hopefully. I’m attempting to go smaller in the blind faith that college students will spend a twenty on a piece of art, rather than simply buying postcards from me.


Voyeur 6... I am lacking in creative titles currently.


Oh, and a minor side note. I might be heading down to Sarasota towards the end of the month for a shoot with Boyce Avenue. Nothing confirmed yet and considering how unattentive and irresponsible I am, who knows :-/ Anyways, more updates in a few days.


And popping up an earlier version of the collage this morning to show a less complicated image. I’m torn… 

An earlier version of the image..

Just a quick update of images that I’m currently working on. The first shots off at a series of 5×7’s that will be produced at a discounted price for this town’s cheap ass college students. That means you, pseudo-hip indie artists who come by on FF and exist only as 2d viruses… er. And now I look to descend into the depths of sleep before a photo shoot with riot girls in downtown Tallahassee tomorrow morning.

A Sarah W. collage in need of work
Eating babies!
Dead birds give you wings! If you cut them off and soder them to your shoulder hinges.
Lizards and reflections... oh my.

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