So, a couple of weeks ago Serrell and I had a chance to shoot what we were intending with the original photo shoot.


Armed with numerous outfit changes, we headed to an abandoned plant on the west side of Tallahassee.


We hit the three main sites at the location, unfortunately my flash was acting up so we couldn’t overpower the sun out in the direct light. We had to rely instead on sheltered setups, trying to get good even lighting.


We came out of the experience with quite a few great images, abused skin and dehydrated bodies.



A celebrity of the FSU alumni community, one who has crafted a marked and noted career in baseball, has their own clothing line based out of Tallahassee, Florida.

IMG_1190John Ford Griffin has teamed up with local clothing designed Mark McHaffie (Thunder) to create Hollachaboy.

IMG_1757A brand based on positive life goals and an active life style, Hollachaboy is available locally and online at


So I’m up way too bloody early on a day off heading out to fix Thunder Mchaffie’s computer and attempt an exorcism on the damn thing. Probably half an hour into trying to strangle Premiere it starts raining. Text Serrell; evil buggers are pissing on us, might have to postpone. We both work retail; one up one down style shifts. Supposedly we’ll be shooting at some of the grittier sides of Tallahassee if normal weather lets up and decides to let light shine on down. Fixed premiere… kinda, fixed printer, fixed twixtor. Still raining; maybe we’ll wait until the scheduled one o’clock to see what happens.


Great Built T-shirts acquired from above mentioned Thunder and an attempt to convince him to do a weekly podcast of his thoughts and views. Still damn raining. Move furniture at the girlfriends. Rain. Throw rocks at cloud, damage passing by car, run. Rain. We abandon all hope at the receiving end of Tallahassee’s rain gods. Simple two point lighting and quickly switching between a 50 1.8 and 105 2.8; we bang out over two hundred shots in maybe 45 minutes.

IMG_0239You’ll have to ask Serrell to see the video we shot where the widescreen crop was just a bit too high and looked like he wasn’t wearing a damn thing. And the multiple takes where he thought my last name was car brand and I ran Jumpin’ Jimbo’s Mazda Deals.

IMG_0325More shots of Serrell doing the Playgirl pose at my flickr… didn’t want to seem like I’m exploiting the poor man here.

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